Teacher / Parent Workshops

Family Literacy Nights

Help parents help their children to develop a love for reading and writing. Famiy members will learn simple strategies to foster literacy and thinking that can be implemented in the home.

                    Thanks for working with our students. They had a great time. It was wonderful to see you."


AVID Coordinator

Serrano Middle School

Why the Arts Matter

"The Information Age is giving way to a new world in which artistic and holistic right-brain abilites mark the fault line between who gets ahead and who doesn't."

         - A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink


The arts focus on the skills businesses need: complex problem-solving, teamwork, innovative thinking, confidence, and communication.


Come learn why the arts are important and should be a core subject in every child's education. Chris will share ten reasons why we should strengthen and expand arts education in the 21st century world.


The session concludes with art exercises to stimulate the artist in everyone.



Schools will need to provide drawing paper and pencils for the participants and a laptop computer, LCD projector for Chris's presentation.

Family Drawing Nights

Chris will take basic shapes and demonstrate how they can easily be made into different objects. Parents and children will follow along in a directed lesson and then implementing the techniques just learned.


Chris will share his story about how he begin with drawing and how later, as a teacher, made Family Drawing Nights a weekly part of homework.



Schools will need to provide drawing paper and pencils for participants and an LCD projector and screen for the instructor.