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Love this Book! 


A really fun, sweet read. Chris holds the readers (and listeners) attention, with the fun antis that he and Caleb share together, as well as the colorful illustrations. it will touch your heart as Caleb grows up, but finds his way back to what really matters most. 

This is an excellent choice to add to your children's library.


Delightful! Engaging! Heartwarming!

Caleb's Adventures with Granddad is a delightful, heartwarming and beautifully illustrated story of the bond between a grandson and granddad. It reminds readers, young and old, to create fun adventures tougher through creative play and imagination. It teaches heartfelt life lessons of appreciation and what really matters most. A great addition to any library! 



Charming story with a heartwarming message that my 6 year old grandson loved as we read it together. Great conversation starter about life lessons


A Precious Story

This is a beautiful story about life, family, and the special bond between a granddad and grandson. The imaginative adventures they spend together are precious and the illustrations are heartwarming as well. This story shows how we should treasure every moment we have with your loved ones. This is a fantastic book, and I enjoyed it very much.




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Heartwarming story!



 This story completely touched my heart! It's a heartwarming story of a relationship between a granddad and his grandson! The author takes us on the journey to witness this relationship as it changes as Caleb becomes an adult. The ending is what we all hope to have  with our own grandchildren! I absolutely LOVED this story and highly recommend it to everyone!


Sweet Story complimented by the Illustrations


This story will melt your heart! The author beautifully captured the special bond that many grandparents have with their grandchildren and the special things they do together. It reminded me of the relationship between my son and my dad. I nearly cried when Caleb grew up and he had less time for his granddad. However, the author made sure to bring it full circle and wort a wonderful ending, which also brought me to near tears. This heartfelt story was complimented by the wonderful illustrations. A great book to purchase for grandchildren (and grandparents).


Really Sweet Tale!


I didn't expect to love a children's book SO much as I read it to my son tonight.Such a touching a heartwarming story that I couldn't wait to turn each page. Greatbook for children and the adult reading it to them! Beautiful illustrations. Highly recommend! I especially enjoyed finding out at the end this is based on an actual relations hip between grandfather and grandson. So sweet!


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