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A young girl stumbles into a magical world in debut author Kueng's delightfully magical romp.


" Filled with warmth and whimsy, this middle-grade fantasy is sure to please. Readers who have tired of wizard schools and secret worlds will be excited to find these expected fantasy elements spiced up by the novelty of the genie world, which adds just the right touch of newness to the tried-and-true fantasy formula.


Middle-grade fantasy with some enchanting twists."


                Kirkus  Reviews 

                December 2014

In Christian Roulland Kueng's debut novel for middle-graders, a ten-year-old girl suddenly finds herself in the company of genie triplet brothers.


"Kueng's real forte is his ability to create memorable characters. Young readers will delight in the triplets' antics and occasional funny quips and admire them for their chutzpah. The triplets' two unmarried aunts who 'smell funny' are hysterical. Equally effective is the author's power of description; the genie world he has concocted is textured and richly detailed. And the ending brings a terrific surprise — one that middle-grade readers are bound to appreciate."


                  Blueink Review

                  November 2014


This family-friendly fantasy proves that boys and girls everywhere are really not so different.      


"Welcome to the magical world of the jinn, where ten-year-old boys have disappearing pet tigers, dine on rack of dragon, and live in jeweled bottles. In Three Genie Brothers, Christian Roulland Kueng introduces Outsiders, or humans, to a fun-loving genie family as they juggle growing powers and growing up.


Triplets JD, Morgan, and Blake are just old enough to begin preparing for their first summoning, and they already show remarkable skill in the magical arts. When they are not playing rousing games of JinJi or cheering a favorite cameleer at the winged races, the brothers enjoy gazing out at the world outside their bottle, a place they have only imagined. When the

appearance of a special human girl disrupts their charmed lives, the boys must use all of their genie ingenuity and courage to solve the mysteries that suddenly surround them.


Although the brothers live in a fantastical world that is vividly painted with lagoons,lotus blossoms, and bazaars, Kueng shows that boys and girls everywhere are really not so different. Aside from minor variations in coiffure, the triplets are identical in appearance, but Kueng carefully draws the boys with distinct personalities, mannerisms, and ways of speaking that make them easily recognizable. Brave, reckless, frightened, and even whiny on occasion, the boys, along with their new human friend, Brianna, are believable children in an unbelievable world.


Even the inhabitants of this world find it unbelievable at times, and one answer consistently pops up when the dubious nature of genie life is questioned. Brianna, confused about the metaphysics of the house-bottle’s dimensions and relation to the human world, receives this response from the boys’ mother: “I can’t explain it … all I know is that once you come into the bottle, you’ve entered another world.” Possibly, this is the response that makes themost sense to children anyway.


Black-and-white illustrations accompany each new chapter; with a casual, sketch-like finish, they could have come straight from Brianna’s journal, and provide welcome visual breaks. The depictions are rough; visually pleasing while allowing room for imagination and interpretation.


Junior fiction fans of the Children of the Lamp series will want to check out Kueng’s Three Genie Brothers. Triplets instead of twins and definitely more sheltered, the boys share the same spirit of adventure and tendency to wind up in tight spots with plots to unravel. Three Genie Brothers is a family-friendly choice suitable for school libraries and for independent readers wishing for a little magic in their lives".


Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Foreward Clarion Review, November 2014









All of the following reviews were taken from those posted on by enthusiastic readers:

Amazing Book!!
"If you like Harry Potter, you will love the 'Three Genie Brothers'. I could not put it down, held my interest. Very gook book. :-)


A good summer read for teens

"Since I am an "I Dream of Jeannie" fan, I was tempted to read this new title that was noted in a local publication. Also, I am familiar with the area and it is fun to know that one can actually go here (in SoCal) and find the town and street. Then how pleasantly surprised I was to fine it very well written. The story is clever and engrossing as children are pulled into another time and place. It has the making of a nice little series. Anyone can enjoy it--I am a grandmother/librarian--and I will buy it for my little grandchildren and my teen ones."




Fun Read Aloud

"I have been reading this book aloud to my school age children. They love it. When I stop each night they ask for more. The imagery of a magical new world (and chores done with the wave of a hand) really resonates with them."


Great Read
". . .wonderful story telling. I couldn't put it down. A great story for any age. The only thing I wish for was more."


A Must Read
"The Three Genie Brothers is a wonderful book full of twists and surprises. It was one of the best books I've ever read and I would place it in my top ten of favorite books. The plot twists and turns will captivate you. If you like the Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Artemus Fowl series then you will love The Three Genie Brothers. If you are debating buying this book I say GET IT! You will not regret it."


"I loved this story it was amazing and thrilling it had a little bit of everything it blew me away."




"This is a great book for 10 years and up. I enjoyed reading it and hope a sequel will follow soon. I got one for my 12 year old grandson, also."


"Went to school with the author - loved it."


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