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December 26, 2012\

ISBN: 978-1-4759-6184-3

Page Count: 259

Age Range: 10 - 14


JD, Morgan, and Blake are ten-year-old junior genie triplets. They have spent all their lives inside an amethyst bottle with their father and mother, Aristide and Cassidy. They become suddenly interested in the outside world when they view a young girl through the window of their genie bottle: they soon learn her name is Brianna.
Brianna, who is visiting her grandparents and the owners of the genie jar, is drawn to the beautiful bottle. When she pops the cork, she becomes the master of the genies inside. The triplets are mischievous, though, and they plan to trick Brianna into using all her wishes right away.. Their mischief goes too far when Brianna finds herself trapped inside the bottle.
The boys are happy to introduce her to the world of the jinn. They show her genie mail, flying camel races, and even a game called Jinji. On the boys' eleventh birthday, they receive a mysterious pentagonal box. Opening the strange gift is a riddle, but it seems the box could have the power to send Brianna home; if not she could be stuck in the bottle forever.


August 3, 2020

ISBN: 9781620236666

Page Count: 44

Age Range 3 - 8

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Caleb and Granddad are best friends and love to go on big adventures together! From deep-sea fishing to slaying dragons, all they need is a backyard and their imaginations. But when Caleb starts to grow up and spend more time with his friends, Granddad wonders if they’ll ever have another adventure.
Filled with vivid illustrations and a heartwarming story for readers of all ages, Caleb’s Adventures with Granddad reminds us that no one is ever too old to go on another adventure
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