An Author's Journey

             This guy is awesome. Such a terrific presentation for our writing contest. Thank you, Christian Kueng, author of Three Genie Brothers, for sharing your talents and passion with our middle school students today."



Cottonwood K-8 School

Chris starts each assembly telling about his family, immigrants to the United States, and then moves quickly to how he developed his story about a family of genies.


Via a Powerpoint presentation, Chris shares his own drawings, how he gets his ideas, how he created the storyline using a Flow Map, and imagined a whole new world of the jinn.


The assembly includes a time for audience members to ask questions.

Let's Make a Story

For younger audiences Chris begins with an overview of Three Genie Brothers. Through the course of the presentaiton, Chris introduces the 5Ws - Who, What, Where, When, and Why that are then used as the audience create a collaborative story that charts out everyone's ideas. Chris concludes the assembly by drawing a picture of the story's hero.